DTX Studio™ suite product offering

DTX Studio suite keeps you and your patient in the center and simplifies the interaction with your patient scans and images. With each patient, at every visit, making each appointment more focused and valuable for everyone.

Our products

  • DTX Studio Clinic

    The DTX Studio Clinic software keeps all your 2D and 3D imaging data together for diagnostics, treatments and follow-ups. It simplifies image acquisition, open import and export and offers multi-room access on Windows® PC and Mac®.

  • DTX Studio Implant

    Plan implants for major implant systems according to the patient’s anatomy and prosthetic requirements during the first visit. Turn the plan into reality by using a surgical template or 3D navigated implant surgery.

  • DTX Studio Lab

    The software is open for main intraoral and desktop scanners' input, enabling you to produce in-house or connect to industrial production. It promotes workflows that bring you and clinicians together from treatment planning to final restoration.

  • DTX Studio Go

    Manage your account and easily share data with connected partners, all in one place. DTX Studio Go is a free of charge internet-based service to simplify your license and user administration.

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