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DTX Studio™ suite - providing you continuity of care

The DTX Studio dental software suite powers your patient visits, every time, for every patient. From diagnostics, to treatments to collaboration and follow-up. For your entire team, for your patients.

Freedom to focus

If you’re like most dental professionals, your passion is patient care. The DTX Studio dental software suite gives you freedom to do what you do best – focus on your patients. We simplify your interaction with patient scans and images. With each patient. At every visit. Making each appointment more focused and valuable for everyone.

  • DTX Studio Clinic

    The DTX Studio Clinic software keeps all your 2D and 3D imaging data together for diagnostics, treatments and follow-ups. It simplifies image acquisition, open import and export and offers multi-room access on Windows® PC and Mac®.

  • DTX Studio Implant

    Plan implants for major implant systems according to the patient’s anatomy and prosthetic requirements during the first visit. Turn the plan into reality by using a surgical template or 3D navigated implant surgery.

  • DTX Studio Lab

    The software is open for main intraoral and desktop scanners' input, enabling you to produce in-house or connect to industrial production. It promotes workflows that bring you and clinicians together from treatment planning to final restoration.

  • DTX Studio Go

    Manage your account and easily share data with connected partners, all in one place. DTX Studio Go is a free of charge internet-based service to simplify your license and user administration.

Winner of the Cellerant Best of Class Technology award 2021 

We are proud to announce that DTX Studio Clinic has won the Best of Class Technology Award 2021! The award recognizes innovative products that set a standard of quality in their respective categories. It has been acknowledged as the most prestigious and coveted award that a dental manufacturer can receive. 

“During such a challenging year in dentistry, these extraordinary companies and their technologies have earned the right to celebrate for their perseverance and commitment to technological innovation,” said Dr. Lou Shuman DMD CAGS, CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group and creator of the Best of Class Technology awards program.


"I cannot say enough about the DTX Studio Implant software. This software has been transformed to an amazing and appealing tool in digital dentistry. I use it for every patient to achieve a safe and predictable surgical and prosthetic outcome. I would recommend the DTX Studio Implant software to any clinician who places or restores dental implants."

Why the DTX Studio software suite?

DTX Studio suite for your team

The DTX Studio suite offers a seamless collaboration within your practice. You and your team can access all patient images, mark and add findings and generate content from any supported device.1


DTX Studio Clinic for your practice

Powering your practice, at every patient visit. Open all your patient images from the DTX Studio Clinic library, and always access the most up-to-date images, at every patient visit, in every practice room.

For your practice
DTX Studio for your practice

Works with Apple Mac® or Windows® PC systems, for all rooms in your practice and your entire team.

Rapid acquisition and study of patient imaging data in DTX Studio Clinic. Supports the most-used dental imaging data formats, open for import and export.

Delegate with ease and collaborate securely online with your labs, referrals and specialists.

DTX Studio suite for your patients

The DTX Studio software suite helps you build trust, gain case acceptance, and address the patient’s concerns more effectively with the complete and personalized visual patient file.


Some see workflow as a strictly defined, linear process. We think differently. We focus on continuity, because we know that you take care of patients as individuals, each with their unique history and diagnostic needs. Whatever their needs, continuity of care is what they expect from you. You need all their information at hand for fact-based decision making. Continuity in helping you with this task, for every patient, is what you can expect from us.

DTX Studio suite for your partners

Communicate efficiently with your treatment partners, and keep your extended team up-to-date with efficient and secure sharing options.


Knowing your facts about every patient is key. Keeping each record dynamically updated, and allowing you to access and use the information at any time, is what DTX Studio suite stands for. Predictable outcomes are based on knowledge and processing of all facts, mastering the continuous diagnostic journey. Treatments powered by DTX Studio suite offer predictability for you, your team and your patient. 

Turn learning into achieving with DTX Studio Education.


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