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DTX Studio™ Implant

Planning for success in implant dentistry

A plan that takes you further

DTX Studio Implant offers meaningful, clinically relevant implant planning with a variety of integrated options for guided surgery: static pilot drill templates, fully guided or dynamic surgical navigation. For partially edentulous patients or patients with failing dentition, your workflow follows your clinical decision-making processes and guided surgery becomes a true option at any time. 

Combine surface models and fully automated tooth setup

Starting with a CBCT scan to evaluate the anatomical situation, SmartFusion™ lets you effortlessly and accurately combine your diagnostic scene with digital impressions. Additionally, a smartly automated tooth setup can be generated instantly, letting you review the situation from all angles. With this, you get the best of all worlds: accurate surface layer of teeth and soft tissues from the digital impression, high-resolution 3D bone anatomy from the CBCT scan, and SmartSetup™, the automatically calculated tooth-setup, visualizing individual prosthetic needs.

One solution provider for diagnostics and implant treatments

Built for in-practice network with multi-room collaboration

Flexibility and ease of use for implant treatment planning

TempShell – Immediate screw-retained provisional 

DTX Studio Implant allows you to consider prosthetic needs already in your first visit and helps identify individual complexity and treatment needs, resulting in better patient care. In collaboration with your DTX Studio Lab partner, the automatic tooth setup can be further customized by the dental laboratory and effortlessly transformed into a TempShell, an egg-shell provisional with temporary tooth support elements for correct intraoral repositioning, which offers straightforward conversion into a screw-retained provisional at the day of surgery.


"DTX Studio Implant is my key go-to software when planning dental implant positions. The treatment planning is extraordinary and allows for placement with template guided as well as X-Guided navigational precision. I can’t imagine doing dental implants without this technology. It is simply exceptional to plan your patient’s quality of life."

Safe treatments, predictable outcomes

Generating happy patients is your goal. With consolidated diagnostic evidence as your foundation, you are in the perfect position to efficiently define your plan in DTX Studio Implant and deliver it predictably using the various options of guided surgery: static surgical drill guides or dynamic real-time navigation. Don't leave implant position to chance: to best predict your outcome, you need to plan. Use our powerful tools for your treatment success.


Closer collaboration with your lab for improved efficiency and patient satisfaction

Work closely with your DTX Studio Lab partner, converting your SmartSetup™ into a provisional ready at the day of surgery. Then, take it one step further. Request a LabDesign upfront, and you can already visualize the final restoration during the treatment planning phase. This helps you optimize your implant position by test driving the final through the provisional using the targeted virtual setup at each stage. 

DTX Studio Lab

“I take a CBCT scan for most of my implants, and whenever I do, I plan the case with DTX Studio Implant. I then perform the implant surgery with X-Guide, unless a bone augmentation is needed first.”

DTX Studio Implant – more than surgical guides

The power of DTX Studio Implant provides you with the complete freedom to choose and control your guided surgery options. 

DTX Studio Implant offers more guided surgery options

A DTX Studio Implant plan based on SmartFusion lets you choose from four options:

  1. Freehand surgery with a detailed automated report
  2. Pilot drill surgery guides, central and local production
  3. Fully guided for Nobel Biocare implants, central and local production
  4. X-Guide dynamic navigation without the need for a guide or dedicated guided surgery instruments. 

Save time designing your guides

Spend your time where it matters. Let DTX Studio Implant do the work for you. At the push of a button, a surgical template, pilot or fully guided, is automatically generated, providing you with a choice of exporting the .stl to produce the template in-house or ordering it ready-to-use from Nobel Biocare´s centralized manufacturing facility.

X-Guide® – guided surgery without a guide, one click away

Instead of producing a guide, send your plan to X-Guide with one click. This allows you to execute your surgery immediately using navigated surgical guidance without the need to wait for the surgical template.

"I cannot say enough about the DTX Studio Implant software. This software has been transformed to an amazing and appealing tool in digital dentistry. I use it for every patient to achieve a safe and predictable surgical and prosthetic outcome. I would recommend the DTX Studio Implant software to any clinician who places or restores dental implants."

Continuity in your daily routine

Open your patient case directly from DTX Studio Clinic in DTX Studio Implant. Plan the implants, create your treatment plan and generate the guide, then visualize the surgical plan back in DTX Studio Clinic.

Key features and benefits of DTX Studio Implant

Have a look at all the smart functions of DTX Studio Implant that help you with your implant treatments.

  • SmartFusion™

    Align CBCT with intraoral scan

    The intelligent way of combining surface models from all intraoral and desktop scanners with any CBCT scan using voxel-based algorithms.

  • SmartSetup™

    Fully automated tooth setup

    The AI powered engine analyzes the existing teeth in the digital impressions if available from the antagonist, and takes additional landmarks into consideration. The result is a custom tooth setup that allows you to instantly evaluate all prosthetic needs and proceed with treatment planning.

  • TempShell™

    The physical twin of the virtual tooth setup – enabling screw-retained temporary solutions at the day of surgery, generated and produced by your DTX Studio Lab partner.

  • OneClick guide

    Save time by not having to design your own surgical guide, simply finish and approve your DTX Studio Implant plan, and the tooth-borne guide gets automatically designed.

  • OneClick X-Guide®

    Instantly execute an X-Guide navigated surgery from your DTX Studio Implant plan. Simply choose the 'Export to X-Guide' option and convert your plan into X-Guide format with one click in your DTX Studio Implant software. Scan – Plan – Navigate.

  • OneClick stl export

    Export your one click surgical guide as an stl file for local production. Initiate the generation of the stl file with just one click in DTX Studio Implant.

  • SmartReport™

    Stay fully documented

    Your DTX Studio Implant plan is built on accurate 3D content. Generate a detailed surgical report with just one click, and store, share as pdf, or paper copy as reference for the surgery. Freehand or guided, your plan is fully documented.

  • GoShare™

    Securely exchange imaging information

    Involving remote team members, imaging or design service providers have to be as easy and safe as possible. DTX Studio Go offers the GoShare option to securely exchange imaging information and plans with external partners through our secured servers.

  • Planning services

    DTX Studio Go is an open marketplace where service providers can offer their expertise for planning, designing, diagnosing and/or producing components needed for your treatments. Cooperate with the service providers on a case-by-case basis and securely use GoShare for moving data around in a HIPAA enabled way.

  • Windows® PC and Mac®

    We are fully committed to serve both platforms. Since 2011, DTX Studio Implant has been developed for native MacOS and Windows PC with simultaneous validation and release. Same source code, same functionality and a deep cross-platform compatibility. Mix and match your devices and run your favorite software – your software license key works on both. Choose it when you download and install from your personal DTX Studio Go login.

  • DTX Studio™ ecosystem

    The DTX Studio ecosystem offers clinical dental software for PC and Mac for diagnostics (DTX Studio Clinic), dedicated dental implant planning (DTX Studio Implant), and prosthetic design (DTX Studio Lab) as well as DTX Studio Go, the secure communication and data exchange platform across the softwares. The ecosystem powers and is compatible with various imaging devices and has open and direct outputs to computer-assisted treatment options.

  • LabDesign request

    Preview the final restoration to validate your implant placement plan

    With one click, reach out to your DTX Studio Lab partner and securely share your SmartSetup and intraoral scan through DTX Studio Go. The lab will convert the SmartSetup to design a final restoration, which you receive back to finalize your implant plan against definitive prosthetic needs. The modified tooth setup can be used for a TempShell provisionalization. After tissue maturation and definitive impression, you can order the final product based on the initial LabDesign.

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