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DTX Studio™ Go

Personalized online access to the DTX Studio Go web cloud portal allows you to manage your accounts, users licenses, access training and collaborate with your labs or referrals.


DTX Studio Go is an online platform, available on all computer and mobile devices that lets you download the software installers, manage installations and connect to other DTX Studio suite users. You can easily follow up on orders to any DTX Studio suite connection, like scan or TempShell requests.

Smooth collaboration

With DTX Studio Go you can search and find clinics, labs or other service providers in your neighborhood to connect with. Outsource implant planning with a connected clinician using the DTX Studio suite or order a prosthetic restoration or a TempShell™ at a connected lab. You can also order a NobelProcera® implant bar at the Nobel Biocare manufacturing facility. Dental scan requests and template requests for local production can also be administered via DTX Studio Go.

Manage all users in your practice or your dental lab

Web based overview of all your orders

Continuous developments and feature expansions

Secure sharing

Securely share your patient's data via GoShare2 to discuss a patient case with a connected lab, specialist, referral dentist or other colleague. DTX Studio Go is an open and secure platform that lets you share any data in any file format with a connected partner without restrictions on the type of shared data in a completely encrypted and anonymized way.

Easy software account management

Always access the latest version of DTX Studio Go, track your version history and see all users connected to your license. Your installation is made easy thanks to the Mac and Windows OS installers, your license key and the installation guide. Register and manage all the image acquisition devices within your practice and access all technical information for each connected device.

Set up two-factor authentication to add a security level to your account, edit the contact details of your site, or change your default tooth numbering system or data format to use within your DTX Studio™ environment. Find out more on how to manage your DTX Studio Care and DTX Studio Plus+ subscriptions1

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