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Imaging devices and file formats supported1 by DTX Studio™ Clinic

Supported media for import and export

DTX Studio Clinic allows import and manipulation of below listed media types, independent of origin and manufacturer.  

CBCT/CT, 3D optical scans

  • 3D DICOM file (multi-frame)
  • 3D DICOM folder (single-frame)
  • PLY (color), STL (mesh)

2D intraoral / extraoral X-ray images / clinical images  

  • Common image files: TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP2

Surgical plans

  • DTXIP (surgical planning from DTX Studio Implant)

Imaging devices powered by DTX Studio Clinic

Below listed imaging devices are powered by DTX Studio Clinic. Capturing happens directly using DTX Studio Clinic. 


  • KaVo OP 3D™ Pro
  • KaVo OP 3D™
  • Instrumentarium Dental OP300
  • Instrumentarium Dental OP300 Maxio
  • Soredex CRANEX® 3D
  • Soredex CRANEX® 3Dx
  • KaVo Pan eXam Plus
  • Gendex GXDP-700
  • Gendex GXDP-800
  • i-CAT™ FLX (V series) (MV) 
  • i-CAT™ FLX MV
  • KaVo OP 3D™ Vision
  • KaVo 3D eXam +, 3D eXam i+


PAN/Ceph 2D

  • KaVo OP 2D™
  • KaVo OP30
  • Instrumentarium Dental OP/OC200 D
  • Soredex CRANEX® Novus e
  • Soredex CRANEX® Novus
  • Soredex CRANEX®  D/Ceph
  • Gendex GXDP-300
  • KaVo Pan eXam

Imaging plate scanners (PSP)

  • KaVo Scan eXam™ (all models)
  • KaVo Scan eXam™ One
  • Instrumentarium Dental EXPRESS™ (all models)
  • Instrumentarium Dental EXPRESS™ Origo
  • Soredex DIGORA™ Optime (all models)
  • Gendex GXPS-500 (all models)

Intraoral X-ray sensors

  • DEXIS™ Titanium
  • DEXIS™ Platinum
  • KaVo GXS-700
  • Gendex GXS-700
  • KaVo IXS™

Intraoral cameras

  • DEXIS™ DEXcam 4 HD
  • KaVo ERGOcam™ One
  • Gendex GXC-3003
  • DEXIS™ DEXcam 33
  • DEXIS™ DEXcam 43

Intraoral diagnostic cameras

  • KaVo DIAGNOcam™
  • DEXIS™ CariVu™

Imaging devices supported by DTX Studio Clinic

Below listed imaging devices are embedded into a dedicated, efficiency improving, capturing workflow enabled by DTX Studio Clinic. Capturing still happens in the original manufacturer's software.

Intraoral optical scanners

  • KaVo X 5003,5
  • MEDIT™ i5003,5
  • 3Shape TRIOS®  – 1.8.12
  • 3Shape TRIOS® 3 – 1.8.12
  • 3Shape TRIOS® 4 – 1.8.12

3Shape: both POD and MOVE configurations, wireless or wired connections supported. 

Third-party intraoral cameras7

Full support:

  • Carestream CS 15006
  • Dürr VistaCam iX HD6
  • MouthWatch IP6
  • MyRay C-U26

Limited support – livestream only:

  • Acteon SOPRO 7173
  • Dürr VistaCam iX (non-HD)3
  • Digital DOC IRIS3
  • Generic webcameras6

Third-party 2D TWAIN devices4


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